Camping at Fullbrook Farm, Lichfield, Staffs

Camping at Fullbrook Farm, Lichfield, Staffs Fullbrook Farm Campsite
Camping in Lichfield, Staffordshire

Photo Gallery


Fullbrook Farm House
Fullbrook Farmhouse
The campsite
Belted Galloways
Fullbrook Florence, a 2006 Belted Galloway calf
Highland Pony: Bob
Highland pony Bob
Jim - Our goaty bearded Patterdale terrier impersonator.
Nellie - Our number one sheep dog
Nellie and Jim
Nellie and Jim enjoying the sunset
Nellie and Jim
Nellie and Jim helping out with the haymaking!
Edward and his Massey Ferguson
Edward and his Massey Furguson
Edward and passenger Jim
Oh and don't forget Edward's assistant, "Free-ride Jimie"
Matilda - a 2007 cade lamb
Sarah and Charlie
Sarah and Charlie the chicken, and yes, you've guessed it, Nell and Jim are pictured too!
Fran riding her highland pony, Bob
Fran and her highland pony, Bob
Fran and Bob
Fran and Bob demonstrating pony riding with zero ground contact.
Peggy (and Jim's leg!)
Peggy and friends
Peggy and some of the rest of our herd
An unusual birds nest
An unusual swallows' nest. Home to six baby swallows and delicately balanced up in the barn's rafters, their original nest simply wasn't up to the task and came crashing down to the floor. Edward was quickly on the case and installed this palatial penthouse alternative in the form of a baler twine suspended horse feed bucket, and all was well with the swallows chirping away happily once more.
The Spinney
The spinney - Home to all sorts of wildlife
Make hay whilst the sun shines!
Dusk falls over Fullbrook's hay bales. Can you spot Fran and Bob cantering between the bales?

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